Rachel Maddow Celebrates Getting Donald Trump’s Tax Returns With New Shoes

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow celebrated a personal milestone Tuesday after getting her hands on President Donald Trump’s controversial 2005 tax return.

The exclusive scoop saw her become a trending topic on Twitter, and although the big reveal may not have been quite as juicy as some had hoped, Maddow’s taking a moment to bask in the glory with a brand new pair of kicks.

During her Wednesday appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” Maddow revealed that her longtime partner Susan Mikula surprised her with a new pair of Adidas Stan Smiths as a reward for breaking the news.

“I got home last night and Susan bought me new sneakers,” Maddow said. “When she found out I got the scoop, she went out and bought me new sneakers. I don’t know where she got them in our neighborhood at like seven o’clock. She said, ‘These are your you-got-the-president’s-tax-return sneakers.’

“This is now a bounty for anyone who gets the rest of [the returns]; I will then give you these shoes,” she joked.

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