Burglars Steal $200,000 in Shoes From a Philadelphia Sneaker Store

A Philadelphia sneaker store is recovering from a burglary that could ultimately cost the owner more than $200,000.

Dakar City, a retailer that specializes in buying and reselling sneakers, was one of two high-end Philadelphia stores that were burglarized on Jan. 22. According to Fox 29, police believe the two incidents may be connected.

It appears that the Dakar City burglary wasn’t an amateur job, as a group allegedly cut a hole through a cinder block wall at the back of the store. The group then cut wires on the store’s surveillance cameras, reports state, but footage from nearby businesses could help police in their investigation.

“They were here for like an hour and half, minimum. So far, as far as the video from the liquor store shows, they made 15 trips,” Dakar City’s owner, who asked Fox 29 to remain unidentified, told the news outlet. He told Fox 29 the liquor store’s cameras captured members of the group piling garbage bags full of sneakers and apparel into two cars while others served as lookouts for police.

Dakar City’s owner said that when he arrived Sunday morning, the store was empty. According to police, the burglars were able to abscond with $200,000 worth of sneakers and $40,000 in cash.

“We didn’t have insurance for the store at all, so it’s like a personal loss,” the owner said.

Police are now trying to determine whether the Dakar City burglary was connected to another high-end break-in that happened at a jewelry store just hours beforehand.

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