This Nurse’s Shoes Are Going Viral for All the Right Reasons

Forrest Gump famously said you can tell a lot about a person by their shoes, and this viral Facebook post is proof.

Hairstylist Ashley Bolling shared on Feb. 21 an image of an exhausted client’s Asics sneakers, and since then, the post has gone viral with more than 22,000 likes and 7,000 shares.

“I had one of those ‘stop-you-in-your-tracks,’ extremely humbling moments, while working quietly on the hair of a very exhausted, sleeping nurse,” Bolling wrote. “She’d been at work all night and hadn’t been to bed when she landed in my chair, but not before stopping to buy my breakfast on her way. As she dozed off, I gently rested her head on my stomach and continued to foil her hair … then I noticed her shoes.

“I wondered how many miles those shoes have walked,” the post continued. “I wondered what they’d walked through. Blood? Tears? In and out of the countless rooms of the patient’s she’s cared for? I wondered how many hours they’ve carried her, and all those like her, while they literally save the lives of those we love and hold the hands of the ones who can no longer fight that fight. But with those shoes propped up in that chair, phone in her lap, I got the chance to take care of her (even if it was just for a few hours) and I felt extremely honored to take care of such a hard-working, inspiring woman I’m so lucky to call my friend.”

See Bolling’s post here.

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