New Balance Athletes Write to Their Future Selves in Latest Campaign

If you had to write a letter to your future self, what would you write?

New Balance’s latest digital-centered campaign — dubbed “Letters to My Future Self” — wants you to explore what would you tell yourself, and reveals what some of its renowned brand ambassadors would write. The campaign, according to the brand, “highlights how the goals and values of athletes drive their decisions and guide their journey through letters written to their future selves.”

New Balance’s latest effort features the stories of Boris Berian, a fast-food line cook turned Olympic finalist and world champion runner; Alexis Sablone, an X Games gold medalist who is also an MIT graduate and an architect; and tennis champion Milos Raonic.

The effort launches today. Both long and short films of the campaign will run on newbalance.com and the brand’s YouTube channels.

“Every new year represents a new beginning, a new opportunity for self-improvement and presents that iconic moment for athletes and individuals around the world to redefine personal ambitions, motivations and sense of purpose,” Chris Davis, New Balance VP of global marketing, said in a statement. “At New Balance, our marketing is a reflection of our values, so we created the ‘Letters to My Future Self’ campaign to showcase the true individuality, grit and unparalleled persona of our world-class athletes. Through their own words, reflections and inner strength, they inspire athletes everywhere to unrelentingly pursue the best version of their future self.”

The campaign will also feature short videos from runners Ciara Mageean and Tom Barr.

“These films portray how overcoming obstacles both in sport and in life represent a transformative experience that can forever alter an athlete’s journey and outlook for the future,” Davis said.  “What you would say to your future self is a powerful realization of your fears, values, ambitions and the type of person you want to become.”

To include its athletic consumers in the conversation, New Balance will also offer an experience on its website, where they can write letters to their future selves, which New Balance will send it back in one year through a time-capsule initiative. Consumers can also be a part of the conversation using #MyFutureSelf on social media.

The effort launches today in the U.S., Canada, Japan, Europe, Latin America, New Zealand and Australia. New Balance will bring the effort to Taiwan and Hong Kong on Friday, and then China on Feb. 24.

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