There’s Now an Alternative to Wearing Shoes — Feet Stickers

Less is more. That’s the philosophy behind Nakefit, a new way to  protect your feet from hot sand, rough pavement and just about anything in between.

The brand, which recently launched a Kickstarter campaign, offers an innovative alternative to wearing shoes. Hypoallergenic adhesive pads attach to the bottom of the foot, allowing you to walk freely wherever you go and help in the prevention of skin fungus, infections and surface cuts. And they provide a great source of protection when in a public pool or locker room.

The flexible material easily adheres to the soles of the feet and feature anti-slip pods for enhanced safety and comfort. They are waterproof, although if immersed in water for too long, they may lose some of their adhesion.

Nakefit is available in three colors in adult and children’s versions. Since they are not reusable, they are available in 10-pair packs. They are also easy to toss into a tote bag or backpack, making them ideal travel items.

For those who want to jump on the trend, the company’s Kickstarter page is accepting pledges for eight more days. It has already raised almost 15 times its fundraising goal of approximately $22,700. Made in Italy, the patent-pending product can be shipped worldwide. Estimated first delivery is July.

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