Lonzo Ball ‘Thankful’ to Jay-Z for Buying Three Pairs of His Big Baller Sneakers

NBA rookie Lonzo Ball has a new Big Baller Brand fan, and it’s none other than Jay-Z. While the label’s ZO2 sneakers have been widely balked at, likely due to the $495 to $695 price tag, the music mogul recently weighed in with a stamp of approval.

While on the “Rap Radar” podcast on his own streaming service Tidal last week, Jay-Z opened up about the importance of supporting black-owned businesses, which drove him to purchase Ball’s shoes. “He may go about things wrong, he may have a big mouth. But I bought three pairs. Why did I buy three pairs? That man has a vision of his own,” said Jay-Z with regards to Ball’s father, Lavar Ball.

He continued, “Why wouldn’t I support him? He feels like he can move culture, and his son got a big enough name, and a big enough brand, that they can do it. Why do we get so upset when we, us as a culture, want to start our own s**t? That s**t is puzzling to me.”

While out and about in Los Angeles, TMZ approached the Los Angeles Lakers player regarding Jay-Z’s comments. “I’m just thankful, man. Appreciate it,” said Ball. As for whether Ball intends any partnerships or working closely with Jay-Z in the future: “I just play basketball, man. I don’t handle all that. That’s the brand’s job,” he said.

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