This $15 Sneaker Accessory Can Instantly Change the Look of Your Favorite Kicks

Can’t afford a new pair of kicks? No worries. Licks, a new line of shoe accessories, has the problem solved with its offering of interchangeable tongues.

Founded by 33-year-old Zack Hudoletnjak, who holds a master’s degree in architecture, the brand is launching a funding campaign on Indiegogo beginning on Monday.

Hudoletnjak came up with the accessory idea in 2012 after considering ways to easily and affordably update a sneaker. The result is tongue detailed in a range of fun patterns that can be added to any existing shoe style. The tongues will sell for around $15 during the campaign, with the price later increasing to $20.

The one-size-fits-all concept allows the same tongue to be switched from shoe to shoe. According to its founder, inspiration for the patterns came from pop art, contemporary art and the hip-hop movement.

Tongues are lightweight and won’t affect the comfort of the sneaker. And they’re made of eco-friendly faux leather that can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

The debut offering will consist of 20 styles. They can even be mixed and matched on a single pair of shoes for a customized look.

The line will be available at retail in March through sneaker boutiques and e-tailers.

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