Sneaker Store Holds a Scavenger Hunt for the Kaws x Air Jordan Collab

Jordan Brand capped off the month of March in a huge way by launching its Air Jordan 4 collaboration with artist Brian “Kaws” Donnelly. The sneakers — which are currently reselling for upward of $2,000 — were one of the most hyped drops so far this year, leading many retailers to hold contests and raffles to give hopeful shoppers a chance to buy the shoes.

Instead of following the lead of other stores, Los Angeles boutique Union got creative with its release and held a scavenger hunt that forced fans to search the city streets. The ultimate prize would be one of the 13 pairs of Kaws x Air Jordan 4s the store received.

“We wanted to make this experience a little interesting for everyone. You know, switch the game up a bit and give you all a little taste of that old school sneaker culture,” Union wrote. “Thanks to everyone who participated, congratulations to all of our winners. We hope to do more releases like this in the future.

FN spoke with one of the winners, KC, who says he liked that Union did something out of the ordinary with its release, and commended the store for how well organized the overall experience was.

“Another thing I appreciated was it seemed like Union kept it honest. I was wondering if location info would’ve gotten ‘leaked’ to friends and family of employees, but that didn’t seem to be the case,” KC said. “Security was also on-site, which was a huge plus as I’m almost sure at least one fight, if not more, would’ve occurred. There were a couple small issues of line hopping, but security was on it and shut it down quick.” 

As an out-of-towner, KC admits he was skeptical of his chances. “I have some great friends and had a couple group chats going. They would post the clues in there and everyone would chime in with thoughts and ideas,” he said. “Big thanks to my friends Aaric, Carlos, Edwin and Eli for their help.”

The Kaws x Air Jordan 4 is expected to see a final retail ($350) release via the artist’s online store at an unannounced date and time. If you can’t wait to get your hands on a pair, the collaboration can be found now on the aftermarket from eBay and Stadium Goods.

Kaws x Air Jordan 4, from $1,400; ebay.com

Kaws x Air Jordan 4, from $1,745; stadiumgoods.com

Kaws x Air Jordan 4
The Kaws x Air Jordan 4.
CREDIT: Stadium Goods
Air Jordan 4
A look at the Kaws x Air Jordan 4’s glow-in-the-dark capabilities.
CREDIT: Concepts

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