Kanye West Is Making Boots and Hoodies a Summer Staple

It was just last month that Kanye West was spotted roaming the streets of Los Angeles in a seemingly unseasonal pairing of a crewneck sweatshirt and his own Yeezy combat boots, but it looks like the cozy combination wasn’t a coincidence.

West was spotted again over the weekend in a similar getup. Ditching his “Oil” black boots for a “Light Sand” tan style, the rapper-designer coordinated the rugged boots with a light gray zip-up hoodie, faded black jeans and a vintage “Phantom of the Opera” T-shirt.


Although the high temperature in Los Angeles over the weekend was 86 degrees, the weather didn’t stop West from staying faithful to his latest uniform — which has replaced his previous go-to sneaker look of Adidas Yeezy Boosts, for the time being.

The “Light Sand” Yeezy combat boots worn by West can be purchased now for $445 from needsupply.com.

Yeezy Combat Boots Light Sand
Yeezy Combat Boots
CREDIT: Need Supply
Yeezy Combat Boots Light Sand
Yeezy Combat Boots “Light Sand”
CREDIT: Need Supply

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