No, These Ikea Sneakers Aren’t Real — but They’re Awesome

Ikea’s now iconic Frakta bag continues to make headlines. The bright blue-and-yellow tote, which sells for just 99 cents on the brand’s website, has previously been reimagined by designer brands, hacked into DIY clothing, and even turned into a pair of sneakers.

The latest Frakta-inspired project to gain viral steam is a high-top shoe courtesy of the Dutch design studio @studiohagel.

With a look reminiscent of Balenciaga’s designer sneakers, the DIY design covers the shoe’s entire upper in the Frakta bag’s blue polypropylene. At the ankle, the Frakta’s handle is transformed into a socklike collar, complete with a heel tab.

Another notable Frakta hack was by Beijing-based designer Zhijun Wan, who molded the tote into a wearable face mask reminiscent of his sneaker-based designs.

Ikea Frakta Bag
Ikea Frakta bag.

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