A Closer Look at the Tastiest Sneaker Cupcakes in NYC

Carolina Wang and George “Benny” Benjamin have successfully merged the fashion and food worlds with their brand of sweets.

Together, the duo forms Eat Good NYC, delivering edible art to clients in the form of cupcakes (as well as several other desserts). The tasty treats are often adorned with celebrity faces, brand logos and retailer campaign imagery.

But for the sneaker fan, the cupcakes that stand out the most are topped with 3-D edible replicas of their favorite kicks.

Nike Mag cupcake Eat Good NYC
The Nike Mag cupcake by Eat Good NYC.
CREDIT: Instagram: @eatgoodnyc.

Wang and Benjamin stopped by the Footwear News office today for a Q&A via Facebook Live (see below). During the interview, Wang created a replica of the celebrated original Adidas NMD colorway. Afterward, they talked about their respective kicks collections, standout shoes in their closets and more. 

Footwear News: How many pairs of sneakers do each of you have?
Last I counted, 78.
Benny: For men, one closet which at the moment is 20.

What is your closet balance like? How many pairs of sneakers do you have compared to other types of footwear?
Probably 75-25 [percent] sneakers. I’m totally a sneaker girl.
B: It’s probably balanced, 50-50. I like to have some shoes when going out.

When you’re not in sneakers, what are you wearing?
Boots, like knee-high flat boots or something like that. In the summer probably sandals, but really I wear sneakers all the time.
B: Shoes, because I like to go out a lot. Probably some Pradas or something like that.

What brands of sneakers take the most space in your closet?
It is mostly Nike — Nike and then Adidas, and a have quite a number of Converse and Asics. And Timberland; I love Timberland. It’s my favorite brand in the world.
B: I have a lot of Adidas now; I’m definitely in my Adidas phase.

Carolina Wang Eat Good NYC Timberland
Carolina Wang of Eat Good NYC making cupcakes at a Timberland event in November.
CREDIT: Instagram: @eatgoodnyc.

What are some of the standout sneakers in your collections?
My Money Cat [Dunk SB] Highs are my favorite. I am obsessed with the Money Cat.
B: The Ricardo Ticci [Nike Air Force 1].

What is your all-time favorite shoe?
My grail that I really want, that I live, is the [Nike] Coraline [Dunk]. It was a cartoon a while back, and Nike did a limited shoe for it. However, you had you go watch the movie and wait till the end in the credits: They did a code and you had to plug the code in to win the shoe. The shoes looked beautiful; they looked hand-mended because it went with the storyline — sewn-in buttons and everything like that. I think they only made like 200 or 100 pairs in the world.
B: Probably the Air Jordan 1 — the red and black ones, the “Bred” — because I used to wear it a lot back when I was in high school.

What sneakerhead’s closet would you like to raid?
Probably my homie Jazzy [Jazerai Allen-Lord].
B: Sneakerheads like Dallas Penn and Mayor from the Bronx. Mayor doesn’t have a closet, he has a room of sneakers — it looks insane.

What is your favorite sneaker trend of today?
I do love me a knit shoe. It’s the cool sleekness of it, and it’s so comfortable.
B: Same here. When I was younger, they didn’t have Flyknit and stuff like that. It’s new, and I like the style of it.

What are your go-to sneakers?
It’s the [Nike Huarache] and my Chuck IIs. I’m obsessed with the new Chuck IIs — they’re so comfortable. The new Chuck II, with the new insole and everything and the pad, I swear by it.
B: I just pick up any shoe, honestly. Whatever goes with my outfit at the time.


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