A DIY Guide to Keeping Your Sneakers Clean Throughout the Summer

The summer is prime time to show off your best kicks. It’s also, unfortunately, a season that could do some serious damage to your favorite looks.

You’re not battling the rain and snow that the cooler seasons bring, but chances are you’re wearing your beloved sneakers more often when it’s hot out and the sun is shining, presenting more opportunities for destruction. If you wear them to a concert or festival, the midsole is sure to be covered in dirt and people are likely to step on them. If you’re wearing them to a barbecue, there’s a threat of ketchup or mustard landing on the upper. And if you’re heading to the beach or a park, where you’re surrounded by sand and grass, they’ll probably be on your feet.

But there are ways to ensure they stay clean and look good throughout the hottest months of the year. With the summer here and the chances to break out stellar kicks available, Footwear News outlines how to keep your sneakers looking (and smelling) fresh.

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