Cristiano Ronaldo’s New Nikes Designed With Gold Patches Have a Special Message

Before Cristiano Ronaldo was recognized as one of the best soccer players in the world, he was just a kid kicking around a ball in his favorite pair of shoes. With only one pair of sneakers to take outdoors, they were often rugged and in need of repair. Ronaldo’s mother would be the one to patch up his outdoor kicks when they needed it, but for his new special edition, Nike Air Max 97, the patches are already provided.

The Nike Air Max 97 has been a fairly popular retro silhouette that’s been featured in several old and new hues this year. This Cristiano Ronaldo colorway showcases the shoe in a rugged yet bright light.

The Nike Air Max 97 CR7 comes patched up and drenched in gold to showcase his legendary status and his long, rugged road to the limelight of the modern-day soccer world.

The Air Max 97 is one of several classic Nike looks to be given the CR7 treatment. A recent special-edition Nike Air Force 1 Ultraforce was given a CR7 makeover this past April.

Nike Air Max 97 CR7 Cristiano Ronaldo Gold Patch
Nike Air Max 97 CR7
CREDIT: news.nike.com

The Nike Air Max 97 CR7 will be available only to Western Europe through the Nike SNKRS app on Oct. 23. You can find some available CR7 cleats and apparel on nike.com.

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