College Student’s Act of Sneaker Chivalry Goes Viral After Swapping Shoes With His Girlfriend

A college student’s act of sneaker chivalry is going viral.

University of Hawaii Maui College student Mark Cadiz’s girlfriend Vanessa showed up to a chemistry lab Tuesday unwittingly wearing sandals. Rather than allow her to participate in the lab wearing ill-equipped footwear, Cadiz swapped shoes with his significant other — and the internet is loving it.

“When bae has a chem lab and she forgot her shoes lol,” Cadiz wrote Tuesday in a tweet spotted by Huffington Post. As of today, Cadiz’s tweet has racked up more than 35,000 retweets and over 160,000 likes on the social media platform.

The tweet shows images of Cadiz exchanging his Vans Iso 2 sneakers for Vanessa’s strappy sandals.

As is often the case when posts like this go viral, the story has been met with some skepticism online. According to a tweet from Vanessa, some social media users have even resorted to bullying Cadiz over his shoe size. Despite this, the couple seems to be in good spirits.

“When your shoe size is 7.5 but everyone assumes you got man feet because bae can fit in them,” Vanessa wrote in a lighthearted follow-up tweet.

Mark Cadiz
Mark Cadiz and his girlfriend Vanessa show off their shoes.
CREDIT: Twitter: @MarkWithaSea

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