Brooks Celebrates Global Running Day by Offering $1 to All Runners in North America

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a brand ambassador for a major athletic label? Brooks is giving you the chance to become one.

To celebrate Global Running Day, the Seattle-based running outfit announced today that it is inviting all runners to become a Brooks-endorsed athlete. Through its Brooks Big Endorsement initiative, the brand is encouraging runners of all ability levels to sign up to become an ambassador via brooksathlete.com.

Not only will that make you an official Brooks endorser, if you’re in the U.S. and Canada, you’ll get a check for $1.

And in addition to becoming a brand ambassador and the $1, Brooks will give you access to content from Brooks experts about training, nutrition and other running-related topics.

Brooks is out to make all runners brand ambassadors because of a finding the brand came across when compiling its fifth annual Brooks Global Run Happy Report. The report states 62 percent of runners worldwide had dreams of becoming a professional athlete during their childhood. One perk of becoming an elite pro athlete is the chance to endorse a product.

“The Brooks Big Endorsement celebrates the many faces that make up our global running community and hopefully inspires more people to lace up and run,” CEO Jim Weber said in a statement. “I’m excited to cheer on our new athletes as they embark on their running journeys.”

The brand also released its Brooks Global Run Happy Report today, which covers a variety of running-related findings.

Brooks Global Run Happy Report
A look at the fifth annual Brooks Global Run Happy Report.
CREDIT: Brooks
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