11 No-Show Socks That Are Perfect to Wear With Summer Shoes

Summer footwear are arguably more fun than winter footwear, but that doesn’t mean it’s more comfortable.

Often low-cut summer shoes such as sneakers, boat shoes or flats call for a sockless look, but that can cause sweaty feet and blisters. Luckily, no-show socks can solve those pesky problems, but you’ve got to choose wisely — not every no-show sock is equal.

Unfortunately, cheap isn’t always better. A pack of no-show socks might be economical, but you could find them slipping off your feet with every step, inviting those blisters back. Many pairs now have rubber grips on the inside of the heel to help each sock stay put inside the shoe — and it really works.

There are also pairs that hit on all different points of the foot, allowing you to wear a super-low-profile pair with flats or a higher-cut pair if you’re wearing slip-on sneakers or boat shoes.

Athletic brands such as Nike, Champion and Lululemon all make good pairs, as well as premium brands such as Bombas and Mack Weldon.

No-show socks are worth the investment and can make summer footwear as comfortable as any other shoe in your closet. Click through the gallery to see some of FN’s top no-show sock picks.

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