APL’s Adam & Ryan Goldston on Fusing California Culture Into Their Sneakers

Since launching Athletic Propulsion Labs in 2010, twins Adam and Ryan Goldston have disrupted the sneaker market (and racked up an impressive array of retailers, along with a slew of Kardashian supporters) with their innovative materials and performance-driven technology.

And these ambitious L.A. natives are just getting started.

APL Adam Goldston Ryan Goldston
Adam and Ryan Goldston wearing APL Phantom runners.
CREDIT: Shane McCauley.

What area of the city is most special to you?
Ryan: “When we started our company, people counted us out. And when we first moved downtown, people said there was no way they were going down there. Now it’s the place to be.”

Adam: “The growth of downtown has been super-synonymous with our company. It’s different than any part of the city and the only part that matched where we saw the brand going.”

How do you think you’ve fused that California lifestyle into APL?
Ryan: “L.A. is a transitional, active culture. You go from a workout to a coffee meeting and dinner without changing. The products we’ve created, such as the Phantom runner, take you to anything you need to do.”

APL Training Shoe
Athletic Propulsion Labs gold and silver TechLoom Pro, $160.
CREDIT: Courtesy of brand.

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