The Best Shoe Retailers for Men Who Want to Wear Women’s Shoes

While most men’s shoes come in sizes such that women can wear them, for men who want to wear women’s styles, there aren’t quite as many options. Transgender women for years have struggled with the inability to find large-enough women’s shoes — but while there aren’t a ton of places to buy them, there are a handful of online retailers that specialize in this niche.

Long Tally Sally sells shoes in up to a U.S. women’s size 15. The brand offers a slew of styles, many for under $100, from well-known brands like Clarks, Nine West and Sam Edelman.

Lonia Shoes offers women’s sizes 10-15. The brand offers fun, trendy styles like brocade ankle boots and pom-pom-trimmed mules — plus, you can customize your own shoes if none of them suit you.

Pleaser specializes in larger shoes and carries a wide range of products — including on-trend clear sandals and furry stilettos — in up to a women’s 16. The brand also carries platform shoes designed specifically for drag queens, sold in men’s sizes 6-12.

Shoes of Prey allows you to customize your own shoe, in women’s sizes 5-15. The shoes are priced between $125 and $300, with most styles falling under $200.

Solely Original is another website where you can customize your shoes. The twist? The brand allows you to make a cast of your foot at home to ensure the perfect fit. Solely Original also sometimes hosts pop-ups where you can get your foot measured by a 3-D scanner.

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