Decomposed Human Foot Found Inside a Reebok Sneaker on New Jersey River Bank

A gruesome discovery of a severed foot this week may lead police to its owner’s identity.

On Sunday evening, a resident of Pohatcong Township in New Jersey’s Warren County, stumbled upon a single sneaker with what appeared to be a human bones in it. It was discovered along the 300 block of River Road, apparently washed up on the Delaware River shore, according to a reports filed by WFMZ-TV and LehighValleylive.com.

Officials confirmed the bones are of a foot and ankle but are completely decomposed and now only skeletal. Although the shoe was identified as a white women’s size 9 Reebok style, police said the tests should confirm the individual’s sex as well as the age of the bones. The Morris Tri-County Medical Examiner’s Office is currently testing the bone to confirm it is human.

Detective Sgt. Scott Robb stated that in his 17 years on the township’s police force, this was the first such discovery.

Although the time frame when the sneaker was sold on the market could likely be verified, it would not not necessarily provide insight into its owner’s age. The person may have owned the shoes for some time before the incident occurred or had bought an older style at the time.

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