Meet the Guy Who Imitated Rihanna’s Met Gala Dress Using Newspaper

Some people just look at photos from the Met Gala, taking in all of the fabulous fashion. Others, like 21-year-old Emanuele Ferrari, choose to imitate them.

Ferrari, who lives near Milan, imitates celebrities’ outfits using household items and posts the pictures on his Instagram — he now has a following 134,000 strong. At this year’s Met Gala, Rihanna wore a colorful, voluminous look by Comme des Garçons with thigh-high, lace-up sandals by Dsquared2. For his own take, Ferrari told Footwear News, he used a red blanket as the base for the dress, and then stuck newspaper all over it, finishing it off with a cereal carton. As for the sandals, he drew them straight onto his skin.

He also had a take on Cara Delevingne’s silver Chanel suit. He used blank CDs and taped them all over his body. To imitate Delevingne’s silver hair, he wrapped foil around his head.


Ferrari told FN that the imitations started just for fun four years ago, but it’s taken off more recently.

“I describe myself as a creative person, and I thought Instagram could be a place where I could show my creativity to an audience,” he said. “It initially started with imitations of web personalities, and people started to like and follow my creations.”

While Ferrari said he has bought a few wigs to complete his looks, he mostly uses items he finds around the house, and if he needs women’s clothes, he’ll just ask to borrow them from friends. Once he needed lots of packaging to create one of his looks, so he asked the management at a local McDonald’s, and they gave him boxes for free.

If you scroll through Ferrari’s Instagram, you’ll notice he imitates fashion blogger and shoe designer (and Footwear News 2016 Style Influencer) Chiara Ferragni, who has an even larger following in her native Italy than she does in the U.S.

“Chiara Ferragni is the celebrity I prefer to imitate the most,” Ferrari said. “She is known for wearing eccentric outfits, so it’s fun to imitate her. I also listen to my audience, and they seem to like her imitations a lot, hence my choices.”

While Ferragni hasn’t liked any of his posts, Ferrari says another Italian blogger, Chiara Biasi, “always seems to respond positively to my works.” Ferrari said he’d love to have more international celebrities notice his imitations.

“The only thing that happened is Nicki Minaj blocking me,” Ferrari said. “Everything I do, I do it ironically and for fun. My purpose is not to offend anybody, and I am sorry if that came across that way for the queen of rap,” he joked. 

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