Nike’s ‘Objects of Desire’ Exhibit Celebrates 20 Years of Iconic Collaborations

“Objects of Desire,” a new exhibit by Nike, opened today in New York at the brand’s 45 Grand Street studio space.

The multimedia exhibit is a “20-year exploration of apparel design and innovation through creative collaboration,” according to nike.com. Curated by Out of Order Magazine and Dorian Grinspan, the magazine’s creative director, Nike both examines and celebrates two decades’ worth of collaborations that have propelled the brand to its iconic status.

Nathaniel Goldberg - Katarina Johnson-Thompson (2015)
Nathaniel Goldberg — Katarina Johnson-Thompson (2015)
CREDIT: Courtesy of Nike.com

Nike’s apparel campaigns over the years serve as the key subject of examination. Grinspan curated garments, photographs and video to paint a story of resilience, determination and strength.  These selected works culminate into the newest campaign unveiled at the exhibit, “I, David.”

Santiago and Mauricio Sierra - Allyson Felix (2013)
Santiago and Mauricio Sierra — Allyson Felix (2013)
CREDIT: Courtesy of nike.com

Featuring ballet dancer David Hallberg, the only American to be a principal dancer at both the Bolshoi Ballet of Moscow and the American Ballet Theatre in New York, “I, David” centers around perseverance. It speaks to Hallberg’s experience of having overcome a physical injury and offers a metaphorical take on that same experience by using the NikeLab ACG Poncho as a symbol of tenacity and moving forward despite adversity.

Mathieu Cesar - Blaise Matuidi (2015)
Mathieu Cesar — Blaise Matuidi (2015)
CREDIT: Courtesy of nike.com

“I, David,” like Nike’s history of advertisements, seeks to marry the idea of athletics with creativity. The campaign combines the talents of both the athlete, Hallberg, and the visual creatives behind the idea, Niclas Gillis, director, and artist James Casebere, set designer.

Daniel Jackson - Ashton Eaton (2012)
Daniel Jackson — Ashton Eaton (2012)
CREDIT: Courtesy of nike.com

“Objects of Desire” is on view from June 1 through June 10 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. It will be closed for two days during that time, on Monday, June 5, and Tuesday, June 6.

Click through the gallery to see what attendees wore to the opening day.

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