Street Artist Puts a Gold Jesus-Like Kanye West Statue on Hollywood Boulevard

This isn’t the first time Kanye West has been immortalized in the form of shock-inducing street art (remember that “Kanye Loves Kanye” mural in Australia last year?), but this time, it’s even more shocking.

Street artist Plastic Jesus created a Kanye West-meets-Jesus-meets-Academy Awards statue titled “False Idol” and on Wednesday placed it on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles. The gold statue takes the shape of both the gold Oscars statue and a crucified Jesus — the artist even put nails in the statue’s hands. It also has a crown of thorns and a cloth wrap, but it is brought back to modern times thanks to the gold necklace and the black Yeezy Boost 350s on its feet.

Kanye West Statue L.A.
This statue was created by the street artist Plastic Jesus and placed on Hollywood Boulevard in L.A. on Feb. 22.
CREDIT: Splash

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Plastic Jesus told the publication that “there are a few celebrities we have made into god-like figures. The domain in society and culture that they fill is far greater than their output. I think that’s happened to Kanye.”

The artist said he was interested in examining the “cult of fame” and how that has affected stars including West.

“We almost forget they’re human,” he said. “And when they show a human side, and have some kind of failure in their career or on a personal level, we look to crucify them,” noting the public’s obsession with West’s hospitalization for exhaustion last fall.

While the statue has apparently already been removed, it will reappear Saturday in an exhibit at the Gibson guitars headquarters on Sunset Boulevard.


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