Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Gets Socks From ‘Live With Kelly and Ryan’

Justin Trudeau is getting a lot of attention for his socks lately.

Last week, he had world leaders checking out his NATO-themed socks during its summit in Brussels. While those socks have a serious theme, this week he got a pair that’s a bit more fun.

During an appearance on “Live With Kelly and Ryan,” which brought its show to Niagara Falls on Monday, Canada’s prime minister could be seen wearing a pair of red and white maple leaf printed socks with his Ron White dress shoes. During a segment, hosts Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest gave Trudeau a pair of socks with a “Live With Kelly and Ryan” theme.

Seacrest shared photos of the socks on his Twitter account.

Seacrest, who started as Ripa’s new co-host last month, had been getting some heat from Twitter users after it appeared he hadn’t been wearing socks with his shoes on the show. He spoke out about it and told the audience that he does indeed wear socks — they’re just low ankle socks. On Monday he also tweeted that he was indeed wearing socks for the Niagara Falls show and that they were even a Canadian-made pair.

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