People Are Saying This Museum’s Sofa Looks Like the Adidas Logo

Some observers say a new set of luxe furniture designed for a museum shares an incredible likeness to the Adidas trefoil logo.

The sleek leather seats were custom-made for the UAE’s Louvre Abu Dhabi by French architect Jean Nouvel and debuted at Milan Design Week last month, reports Dezeen.com.

Louvre Abu Dhabi, adidas, trefoil, logo
Louvre Abu Dhabi’s new furniture designed by French architect Jean Nouvel.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Dezeen

Much like the sportswear brand’s emblem, the furniture features three lobes split by cusps that originate from a conjoined center. The Adidas trefoil logo has stripes running through the graphic, and similarly the furniture has a ribbed design that incorporates lines.

Included in the bespoke collection are companion pieces — armchairs, stools and benches — all designed in black with rounded angles and curves.

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Some of Adidas’ branding incorporates a cascading three stripes logo (which resembles a mountain), as well as the trefoil emblem that’s seen on the Adidas Originals line.

Speaking to Dezeen, Nouvel said that his designs nod the unique façade of the museum.

“These long and massive shapes positioned precisely along the walls and slightly staggered emphasize the building’s scale and lines of composition,” Nouvel explained.

The museum is expected to open later this year.

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