These Timeless Shoe Styles Are Essential for Every Woman’s Closet

Trends come and go, with each season boasting fresh fashions that will become outdated before the soles are even scuffed. In fall 2014, snakeskin patterns could be seen on shoes of all shapes, though they seem to have slithered away since. Wooden platforms were all the rage in 2011, but how many of them have seen the light of day over the last six years?

There are some styles that don’t fade — staple pieces with a timeless appeal that can walk through year to year. Such shoes are essential to every woman’s closet, serving as dependable comrades she knows she can trust.

Nude Ballet Flat

Lanvin Glossed Ballet Flat
Lanvin Glossed-Leather Ballet Flats

Simple, sleek, refined — a ballet flat is a timeless classic that can finish any look, especially if in a nude or pale pink tone. Its defining curved toe makes for a modest look that doesn’t add to or take away from the ballet flat’s overall outfit. Traditionally, this style is found with a sweet bow, harkening to the dance shoe that inspired the style, but there are plenty of pared-down options forgoing the bow. Whether paired with jeans or an evening dress, this piece is always fitting and chic.

Black Ankle Boot

Acne Studios leather ankle boots
Acne Studios leather ankle boots

Always a safe fashion choice, the black ankle boot is crucial for chilly weather or late-summer looks. It can be found heeled or flat and is always the right choice when matched with black tights or a pair of jeans. Even so, the black ankle boot is far from limited. It goes well with a bare-legged, folded-sock look or under a maxi dress. The best part of this piece is that there is no shame in owning more than one pair, as each iteration of this essential is unique.

Tall Flat Boot

Unützer Fitted Boots
Unützer Fitted Boots

A flat boot in a neutral hue — gray, brown, tan — will never lose its charm. While higher and higher boot fads come and go, a tall boot around knee height is a fundamental piece that defies seasonal trends. Such a boot will be a must-have when temperatures drop yet is also a reliable pick to pair with jeans or casual skirts strictly for aesthetic purposes. This fashionable boot will always enhance a look with minimal effort.

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