Dr. Martens Issues Recall for Vegan Boots Over ‘Potential Health Risk’

Ultra-popular shoe brand Dr. Martens has issued an ‘urgent recall’ notice for some of its vegan boots, calling them a ‘potential health risk.’

Apparently the cherry red and purple boots could contain traces of a restricted substance in the tongue lining. The recalled batches include the 1460 Vegan boot (Product codes: Cherry Red 14585 GVQ GVR GVS; Purple 17530 GVQ GVR GVS).

dr. martens
Dr. Martens issues recall for vegan boots, claiming ‘potential health risk.’
CREDIT: Courtesy of brand

Trading Standard’s recall notice reads: “We have established that a textile used in the lining of the tongue of a small number of products from our vegan range made in one factory contains traces of a restricted substance which is above specified limits.[This] may present a potential health risk under certain conditions.”

The notice continues: “As the impacted products do not meet required specifications, we are recalling them and are asking customers to return them to us for a full refund or a replacement.”

The brand stated it regret for the unfortunate situation and said that consumers can return affected boots for a full refund or replacements. “In making our product we pride ourselves on setting the highest standards and are disappointed that they have not been met on this occasion, Dr. Martens said.

“We are sorry for any inconvenience caused, but hope you’ll understand that customer safety and the integrity of our products is our highest priority.”


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