Why Natalie Portman’s New ‘Miss Dior’ Is More Wild & Passionate Than Ever

Dior’s latest Miss Dior ad campaign redefines who “Miss Dior” is. The campaign’s commercial is an artful narrative in the format of a very short film. Directed by Emmanuel Cossu and, of course, starring brand ambassador, actress Natalie Portman; the film dropped this month.

The story starts out with Portman looking stunning in Dior sunglasses and an embroidered gown, then quickly cuts to a heated argument between our leading lady and her love interest. She holds a tulle gown to her body while shouting at the man, emotional and glamorous. Sia’s hit song “Chandelier” is the soundtrack.

Through a series of quick shots, Portman continues to paint a portrait of the reimagined Miss Dior, a passionate, feisty woman full of life who truly lives in the moment. She jumps off a high dock wearing another Dior gown and runs through a house in a playful chase, not caring about stepping on furniture.

But most importantly, this new Miss Dior is a real person with real feelings. While in past ad videos, she was depicted as having a sense of adventure, she was always graceful and pretty, with simple emotions. This new iteration of the character encompasses the sense of adventure and the elegance but has more complex emotions. She gets angry, she screams and shoves, but she also shows compassion and joy. She shows that women can be graceful and wild all at once.

“Miss Dior is much more of a woman now, liberated and strong. She’s a modern princess, and she lives in the moment right now,” Portman explained behind the scenes.

Miss Dior is a character that women can find relatable. If wearing her fragrance isn’t enough to fully embrace her spirit, try a pair of Dior black ankle boots like the ones she wears in the film.

Dior ankle boot in black crackled leather
Dior ankle boot in black crackled leather, available in boutiques.
CREDIT: Dior.com

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