Amazon’s New Echo Look Device Will Help You Get Dressed in the Morning

As most people can probably attest, choosing an outfit in the morning can be a challenge. You have to take into account the weather, but also the temperature inside (whether it’s your office or a restaurant), and of course find something that you feel comfortable and confident wearing.

Amazon’s latest venture may help take away those frustrations. The Echo Look device, featuring the company’s Alexa technology, allows users to take full-length photos and short videos with a hands-free camera that features LED lighting, a depth sensor and a computer vision-based background blur. You can then see your look from every angle, and even build a personal look book or share photos. With the coordinating smartphone app, users can get a live look at their outfit as they turn in front of the camera. The Style Check service provides feedback from both an algorithm and fashion specialists, and it continually gets smarter as it receives more feedback from users and specialists.

Amazon Echo Look
Amazon Echo Look allows users to get a full-length look at their outfits.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Amazon

The device is currently only available by invitation and retails for $199.

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