The Cowboy Boots Nashville’s Rising Stars Are Wearing

When it comes to cowboy, field and farm boots, nobody embodies these Americana staples quite like musicians. With that in mind, Footwear News visited Nashville, Tenn., to capture Jon Pardi, Nikki Lane and Langhorne Slim — three of Music City’s innately stylish on-the-rise singer songwriters — and get their respective takes on shoe style, on and off the stage. Like the artists who wear them here, fall’s most desirable Western boots celebrate classic good looks, authenticity and throwback swagger.

Jon Pardi

Pardi wears Lucchese boots. His own clothing. Photo: Yve Assad, Hair: Edward Sharpe, Grooming: Meghan Thompson, both Amax Talent. Shot on location at the Nashville Palace.
CREDIT: Yve Assad

ALBUMS Two. His latest is “California Sunrise.”

BACKGROUND “I’m the only one in my family that’s musical, but my grandma loved singing to the radio and cassette tapes. She’d always make me sing — and I’m talking when I was 1 or 2 years old. I just started singing and never stopped.”

HOME BASE “I’m from Northern California, just outside of Sacramento. I moved to Nashville in 2008. I came here to craft my songwriting.”

PERSONAL STYLE “I wear cowboy boots; I wear workboots that look like cowboy boots. I got some cool Vans that go with my bootcut jeans, because if you take a break from wearing cowboy boots, it’s actually good for your back. I love Lucchese. They really mold to your foot, and I like a medium-to-big square toe.”

Pardi wears Lucchese Western boots. His own clothing. Photo: Yve Assad. Hair: Edward Sharpe, Grooming: Meghan Thompson, both Amax Talent.

BOOT LYRICS “I wrote ‘Head Over Boots,’ and that was a twist on ‘Head Over Heels’ — a country version of a love song. I didn’t write ‘Dirt on my Boots,’ but it reminded me of when I was in my 20s: getting off the tractor, going home, showering and picking up a girl to have a good time. I was like, ‘Dude, I’ve totally done that.’ ”

UP NEXT “We’ve been touring really hard. It’s been crazy. I really need to focus on writing my third record, and putting my mind and energy toward that.”

Nikki Lane

Lane wears Old Gringo embroidered boots, vintage clothing from High Class Hillbilly. Photo: Yve Assad.
CREDIT: Yve Assad

ALBUMS Three; her latest is “Highway Queen.”

BACKGROUND “I own a vintage store called High Class Hillbilly. I worked in fashion in New York, and my dream was to get a pair of custom boots. Now, through collecting vintage and becoming friends with designers, I’ve been able to do that on an extended scale.”

PERSONAL STYLE “When you see the designers’ different design inspirations, you see that it always comes from something that already existed. For me, I’d rather have something that I don’t see on every single person.”

Nikki Lane wears Liberty Black western boots. Top, High Class Hillbilly. Skirt, Loewe.
Nikki Lane wears Liberty Black Western boots. Photo: Yve Assad. Top, High Class Hillbilly. Skirt, Loewe. Hair: Edward Sharpe, Makeup: Meghan Thompson, both Amax Talent.
CREDIT: Yve Assad

BOOTS “As a country performer, I collect a lot of boots. I love fashion boots that are still Western-inspired. I have some from Modern Vice in New York and Pskaufman in Los Angeles. Some of my favorites are Stallion Boots and Prized USA, which are based out of El Paso. I try to keep one of every color.”

UP NEXT “My record ‘Highway Queen’ comes out in February. I’m just getting ready for 2017 so that we can be out there touring full-time.”

Langhorne Slim

Slim wears Peter Nappi boots. Photo: Yve Assad. Hair: Edward Sharpe, Grooming: Meghan Thompson, both Amax Talent.
CREDIT: Yve Assad

BAND Langhorne Slim & The Law

EPS/ALBUMS Seven; the latest is “The Spirit Moves.”

BACKGROUND “The band started over a decade ago. There’s four of us, and our drummer, Malachi, has been with me since the very beginning. I started as a solo artist. I spent a lot of time in the basement at my mom’s house, wanting to get older and move out of Pennsylvania. Thank goodness I discovered the guitar. It saved my life.”

PERSONAL STYLE “I’ve always been a thrift store type of guy. That’s probably why my feet are screwed up. I’ve always enjoyed searching for the hidden treasures, something with a little story and dirt. I also like Red Wing. Justin, Frye. I’ve always been inspired in a style sense by Huck Finn, Oliver Twist and Charlie Chaplin.”

Slim wears
Slim wears Justin Boots. Photo: Yve Assad. Hair: Edward Sharpe, Grooming: Meghan Thompson, both Amax Talent.

HOME BASE “I moved to Nashville four years ago. Originally, I didn’t fall in love with it. I felt it was a tough place to play — and it can be. But thankfully, I’ve warmed up to it, and it’s warmed up to us. It’s a community of like-minded freaks.”

UP NEXT “My band just finished a tour. In January, I’m going to Stinson Beach in Northern California and recording my first solo record.”

Fashion Director: Mosha Lundström Halbert
Fashion Editor & Reporter: Christian Allaire
Market Editor: Barbara Schneider-Levy

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