People Are Ditching These Fashion Brands for the Summer

Alas — whether your bikini body is ready or not — summer is here.

Depending on where you live, you’ve probably been feeling some of the early signs of summer’s impending arrival for a few weeks. And perhaps you’ve started to revamp your wardrobe with scorching days and humid nights in mind.

Regardless of where you are in your “get it together for the summer” strategy, online retailer ThredUp claims to have the inside scoop on which brands and styles are getting the thumbs up or down this sunny season.

The website — which calls itself the largest online thrift store — has used its massive database to compile a list of brands being “splurged on” or “purged of” this summer. (ThredUp says it gets 14 million items sent to the site annually.)

Where footwear is concerned, ThredUp says women are kicking off their heels and trading them in for flats and sneakers. Specifically, Ralph Lauren shoes are being heavily purged on the site. ThredUp said it has seen a 111 percent uptick in the amount of Ralph Lauren footwear traded in. Meanwhile, Puma sneakers have seen a 112 percent increase in demand.

On the accessories side, ThredUp noted that users have also been ditching their Ralph Lauren handbags  — coincidentally, trade-ins were also up 111 percent — while demanding more Kate Spade-branded purses (sales up 95 percent.)

Retailer Lane Bryant is also being heavily purged on ThredUp, according to the site’s data. ThredUp reported a 110 percent rise in the number of Lane Bryant-branded merchandise it received. Conversely, there was a 104 percent increase in Victoria’s Secret-branded items purchased.

Regarding trends, the site saw a climb in the amount of coral-colored clothing and accessories being purged from closets. Meanwhile, ThredUp’s users have been opting to buy more “millennial pink’-colored wares (up 99 percent).

For its PurgeSurge list, the site highlighted the brands and styles that saw the highest increase in either sales to ThredUp (purged), or purchases from ThredUp in the past three months.

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