The Shoes in Rachel Roy’s New Line Feature Extra Padding for Comfort

Rachel Roy has a thing for patterns. The designer, who is launching footwear for her Rachel Rachel Roy contemporary line, revealed some of her favorite styles that will launch in partnership with Titan Industries for spring ’18.

“For the spring and summer, gingham is one of my favorite [patterns],” she said, pointing to a pair of pumps at her launch party last week. “Gingham, stripes and leopards are neutrals for me that I love, and I find it can make a quick an easy outfit very chic.”

Rachel Roy
Rachel Roy
CREDIT: Courtesy image

Loafers will be available in the new collection, which Roy says she loves. “You can wear them throughout the workday, and we put extra padding inside the footbed, which is super-important to me.”

Roy also singled out a specific pair of loafers that are one of her favorites from the collection. Featuring printed tapestry with a sun and moon detail, the designer said, “I’m really into mixing prints in a quirky way that adds interest to an outfit. The sun and moon [detailing] is good energy, and there’s never enough good energy to go around.”

Rachel Roy Shoes
A style from Rachel Rachel Roy spring ’18.
CREDIT: Courtesy image

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