Scientists Say Wearing This Color Will Instantly Make You More Attractive and Get Attention

What do red roses, hearts and the sole of a Christian Louboutin stiletto have in common?

The color red, which has been considered to be the hue of love for centuries, could play a much bigger role in making you attractive to someone more than any other tint. Last month, British online relationship expert Harley Quinn put to the test the old bit of folk wisdom that wearing red makes pulses race by walking around the streets of London in a bright red coat for 30 minutes.

Quinn found in her social experiment that she was approached by strangers wanting to strike up a conversation much more often than usual — five times in 30 minutes, compared with not once when she wore a different outfit the day before.

Emily Ratajkowski at Paris Fashion Week, Hellessy thelma puff sleeve dress
Emily Ratajkowski wearing a red Hellessy puffy sleeved dress with matching ankle strap sandals during PFW.
CREDIT: Rex Shutterstock

While such an experiment is far from scientific, it turns out that there is some actual science to back up her findings. A 2014 study done by psychologists at Wuhan University in China found that both women and men are more likely to feel attraction to the opposite gender when they wore red. Researcher Dr. Fangfang Wen discovered that male participants believed that women who wear the color are revealing their intentions “from the beginning,” as well as considered to be “warmer and more competent” compared with women who don’t embrace the hue.

The research also offered some caveats on the right type of red needed to attract romantic attention — women, in particular, did not feel attraction if men wore the same shade of red as them.

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