Rick Owens Is Doing a Retrospective Exhibition in Milan

Rick Owens has unveiled a retrospective exhibition of his work at Milan’s La Triennale museum running Dec. 15 through March 25.

Titled “Subhuman Inhuman Superhuman,” the exhibit will display a range of Owens’ archival pieces exemplifying his multitalented approach to design and including fashion looks and furniture, as well as films, graphics and publication works.

Presented as a “gesamtkunstwerk,” or an ideal work of art, the show will highlight the designer’s creative expression process, which in his own words “is the opposite of death…it’s hope.” In fact, the whole show will delve into the questioning of beauty and acceptability — a focus for Owens throughout his career.

Rick Owens fashion designs to be displayed at the exhibition.
Rick Owens designs to be displayed at the exhibition
CREDIT: Owenscorp

The designer also created a site-specific sculptural installation for the exhibition.

During an interview in June, Owens referred to the exhibition as a mix, explaining, “I’m not going to get too abstract. I like history and I like being able to rewrite history, and that’s what something like this allows you to do. You’re able to quietly sweep away all your mistakes, just celebrate all the things that you consider successful and just paint yourself in a whole pretty picture. So I’m very hands-on.”

This is not the first time that Owens has chosen Milan to unveil a cultural project. Last April, Owens presented his first book dedicated to his career as furniture designer at Milan Design Week.

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