Meet Gregory Robert, the Parisian Style Star With a Passion for Pink

Gregory Robert, much like Reese Witherspoon’s character Elle Woods in “Legally Blonde,” has a thing for the color pink.

The Paris native differs from other style stars in that most of his everyday ensembles feature some form of the color (think blush, pale pink, salmon, puce and bubblegum).

Living in a suburb called Cergy, just outside of the French capital, Robert doesn’t confine himself to simply one thing. The 25-year-old works with the brand Pigalle, models and dances, in addition to working on a personal project called “Pinkvision Exposition.” And on top of that, he is constantly creating with his beloved Flowerboys crew.

Discovered on the street by photographer Kira Bunse, Robert is certainly one of a kind, which is why we had to talk to him about his unique adoration for the color pink and, of course, shoes.

First, when did you start wearing pink all the time, and why?
“I love pink, it’s my favorite color. I feel free with it!”

Looking at your Instagram, you don’t seem to wear pink shoes often — is there a reason for that?
“Not really. I have some pink shoes … just waiting for spring/summer to wear them.”


What are your favorite shoe brands, and why?

“I like Converse. They remind me of the ’80s, a decade that I personally enjoy! But my obsession shoe brand is Hogan. She is from Italy — it’s a mix  between smart leather shoes and sneakers. Everybody knows the Italian shoe is a guarantee of quality.”

You recently released a limited-edition line of T-shirts. Would you ever consider designing footwear?
“Yes. I don’t know if I want to get into it, but if I have the opportunity to do a collaboration with a shoe brand, yes, let’s go!”

If you had the opportunity to design your own shoe, what would it look like?
“Good question. I think she will be a mix between the Hogan Interactive and the Nike Air Mowabb, with pastel colors! I got it in my mind — she gonna be crazy.”


You’ve modeled for Adidas before. How did that come to be and what is your favorite Adidas shoe? 

“Yes, it was really cool! I received an email one day from them, asking if I was available and if I [wanted] to be part of the adventure. I said yes, of course. I like Adidas. I have many pairs of the Superstar — my favorite by Adidas.

Do you have any pink Adidas?
“Yeah, I have the Superstar collab with Pharrell in pink.”


How would you describe your shoe style?

“Only classic on my feet.”

What do you think about how boys are not socialized to wear pink while girls are? Are colors unisex to you?
“Yes, every color is unisex for me! It is socially admitted that pink is for girls and not for boys for the simple reason that, from our youngest age, we are taught that blue is for boys and pink is for girls. Do you see what I mean?”

Follow Gregory Robert on Instagram at @gogolupin.

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