Lady Gaga Gets Intimate in New Documentary — We Look Back at Her Most Outrageous Moments

Lady Gaga is back to her imaginative artistic ways, releasing cryptic snippet-teasers of her upcoming documentary. She posted the series of videos, all under a minute long, on her Twitter and Instagram accounts Thursday morning with the hashtag #GagaFiveFootTwo.

The documentary, titled “Gaga: Five Foot Two,” will simultaneously premiere Sept. 22 at the Toronto International Film Festival and on Netflix. Viewers at both the film festival and in front of their laptops at home will get a raw glimpse into a year in Lady Gaga’s life, chronicling the months leading up to the release of her fifth album, “Joanne.”

A teaser clip shows Lady Gaga in a clinic discussing a pain-related issue with a health care professional.

After receiving an Emmy nomination for his work on the 2014 HBO documentary Banksy Does New York, director Chris Mourkabel has taken on the Gaga film, creating what Netflix has called “an intimate and unfettered portrait.”

While this work journals only the past year in the life of the artist, there is so much creativity to recollect of her early years — who can forget the meat dress from 2010, made of 40 pounds of Argentinian beef from head to toe, or the surrealist take on a nun’s habit she wore at Lollapalooza the same year?

lady gaga meat dress
Lady Gaga’s meat outfit at the 2010 MTV VMAs.
CREDIT: REX Shutterstock

The obscure nature of Lady Gaga’s latest film teasers are reminiscent of the provocative style that gave her a quick rise to the spotlight in her career. It’s clear to see that while her unconventionality has seemed to tone down as she has moved into acting, Gaga still stays true to her dramatic artistic style.

Click through the gallery to see Lady Gaga’s outrageous style evolution. 

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