Meet the Next Generation of ‘It’ Shoe Designers

For Footwear News Emerging Talent 2017, the fashion team selected 32 of the most promising and progressive names in shoes to know right now. The specifications we looked for were both formalized and guided by editorial instincts, drawing us to a diverse mixture of personalities that fused originality, intuition, verve, business savvy, on-point branding, quality, point of view, personality, cool factor, unwavering style and passion. For our cover story, we went on location and into the private quarters of Soloviere’s Alexia Aubert, Chatelles’ Francois du Chastel, Amélie Pichard, Kalda’s Katrín Alda, Malone Souliers’ Mary Alice Malone and Roy Luwolt, Darmaki’s Sultan Al Darmaki, Axel Arigato’s Max Svärdh and Albin Johansson, and Olgana Paris’ Olgana Djanguirov.

Check out the video above to meet the world’s next big shoe designers. And see below for the full list:

Olgana Djanguirov for Olgana Paris

Alexia Aubert for Solovière

Katrín Alda for Kalda

Mary Alice Malone and Roy Luwolt for Malone Souliers

Max Svärdh and Albin Johansson for Axel Arigato

François du Chastel for Chatelles

Lily Atherton-Hanbury and Katya Tyumentseva for Le Monde Beryl

Archie Hewlett for Duke & Dexter 

Filippo Cirulli and Filippo Fiora for Edhen Milano 

Isabelle Guedon and Benjamin Caron for Adieu

Florian Gravier, Arnaud Darut, Walid Nouh and David Brun for Flaneurz

Vittorio Cordella for Joshua Sanders

Giuliano Calza for GCDS 

Mari Giudicelli

Marina Grasselli for Coliac

Christelle Kocher for Koche

Luisa Tratzi 

Andrea Gomez

Daryn Moore

Barak Uyan

Camila Elphick

Alim Latif for Roker

Astrid Andreassen for A.Andreassen

Antonello Benati for Manebi

Claudia Aragon for Cornetti


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