How Solovière’s Alexia Aubert Takes A Couture Approach To Shoes

For Footwear News Emerging Talent 2017, the fashion team selected 32 of the most promising and progressive names in shoes to know right now. The specifications we looked for were both formalized and guided by editorial instincts, drawing us to a diverse mixture personalities that fused originality, intuition, verve, business savvy, en pointe branding, quality, point of view, personality, cool factor, unwavering style and passion. Read on.

Alexia Aubert

AGE: 33
MADE IN: Italy
EDUCATION: Graphic Design at Estienne Paris and shoemaking at Belleville Paris
TOP SHOPS: Barneys, Le Bon Marche, Colette
SHOE TALK: “My latest collection features ballerinas for men and women, babouches and slippers, new takes on espadrilles,” Aubert said of her unisex styles.

Alexia Aubert Soloviere Shoes
CREDIT: Courtesy of brand.



BASE Paris


YOUR SHOES IN THREE WORDS “Unique, minimalist and timeless.”

CREATIVE PROCESS “The leather is beautifully draped on the last like a couturier. The approach is more like tailoring.”

COMPETITIVE EDGE “Unlike other brands, my shoes are nonseasonal.”

SHOP TALK Colette, Le Bon Marché, Tsum, United Arrows and Barneys.

MENTORS “Pierre Hardy, Christian Louboutin and Oscar de la Renta, luckily with whom I got a chance to work.”

WISE WORDS “Today’s market is so compact that it’s very important to have a specific vision to survive.”

WORST ADVICE “Funny thing, someone once told me to make sandals for men. I did not do it. Thank God
for that.”

INSPIRATION “Artists Nicolas de Stael and Kazimir Malevich and their sense of personal style.”

WHAT’S NEXT “In September, our e-shop will carry the whole Solovière look — not just shoes but also clothing with collaborators who share our vibe.”

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