Salvatore Ferragamo Shoes Through the Decades

Italian label Salvatore Ferragamo has a long history — the oldest shoe styles from the company date back to 1927. Many of these older styles are housed in the label’s archive and museum, located in Florence, Italy.

Ferragamo’s oldest style is the Labyrinth, below.

Salvatore Ferragamo Archive Labyrinth shoe
The Labyrinth shoe is the oldest style in the Salvatore Ferragamo archive.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Salvatore Ferragamo Archives.

In addition to paving the way with inventive styles, Ferragamo made shoes for the stars, creating styles worn by famed actresses from Greta Garbo to Audrey Hepburn to Marilyn Monroe.

Salvatore Ferragamo Archive Marilyn Monroe
A special Salvatore Ferragamo pump made for Marilyn Monroe.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Salvatore Ferragamo Archives.

Special designs were crafted specifically for films, too. Among others, Ferragamo made a pair of blue suede shoes for 1946’s “The Postman Always Rings Twice,” a suede sandal for singer Madonna to wear in the 1996 film “Evita” and a white and blue calfskin pump donned by Nicole Kidman in the 2006 film “Australia.”

Salvatore Ferragamo, archives, shoes
Nicole Kidman wore this shoe in the 2006 movie “Australia.”
CREDIT: Ferragamo Archive

Following Salvatore Ferragamo’s death in 1960, his daughter Fiamma became the label’s lead designer, creating Ferragamo’s best-selling shoe: the Vara, which it still produces today.

Ferragamo, shoe, archives
Salvatore Ferragamo’s best-selling shoe style, the Vara.
CREDIT: Ferragamo Archives

In May of this year, the label threw back to its early days, releasing a capsule collection of six styles produced during Ferragamo’s earliest days. Titled “1927 the Return to Italy,” the collection featured the Labyrinth and included other styles that are edgy now and surely would have turned some heads back in 1927.

ferragamo, 1927 the return to italy, capsule collection, archive shoes
A look from Ferragamo’s “1927 the Return to Italy” capsule collection.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Ferragamo

With Ferragamo’s Resort 2018 collection recently released, the brand continues to impress with fashionable, creative shoe styles, while also remaining true to its rich history.

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