Stylist & Designer Neil J. Rodgers on What’s Missing From the Footwear Market

Neil J. Rodgers is no longer just selecting shoes for celebrity clients to wear, but rather, skillfully creating them from scratch. Since debuting his elegant eponymous label last year and following up with a recent red carpet capsule collection, Rodgers splits his time between L.A. and his Italian factories.

The designer spoke to Footwear News at his home office in Los Angeles.

What’s your connection to shoes?
Neil J. Rodgers: 
“Selecting shoes has always been my favorite part of the job. The transformative effect of a great pair is amazing and also really democratic. Any woman can wear a great pair of shoes. I went to Ars Sutoria to learn more.”

What was missing from the market?
“I thought the gap was comfort and style together. My clients would often want to wear the nicer pair of shoes, but they tended to be the most uncomfortable.”

How have you solved this in your line?
“When we did testing, a short toe bed is more uncomfortable, so I adjusted mine accordingly. A longer last with adequate padding solves the problem.”

neil j rodgers red carpet shoes
Neil J. Rodgers Red Carpet Collection “Stella”; $595; Neiljrodgers.com.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Neil J. Rodgers.

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