Millennials Will Be Raving About This Brand By Tory Burch’s Nieces

The eponymous brand from sisters Neely and Chloe Burch has gained a respectable amount of traction since its launch in September. This summer, the nieces of designer Tory Burch embarked on an eight-city national tour aboard a retro silver camper, outfitted as a boutique, to meet with consumers and offer a unique shopping experience.

And even though aunt Tory Burch has been a supportive role model for the new designers — along with their cousins Pookie and Louisa Burch (who founded the brand Trademark), and dad Robert Burch (who co-founded Eagle’s Eye with brother Christopher Burch) — this is their own endeavor.

Neely & Chloe
The Neely & Chloe Day Bag Pebble.
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“We feel lucky to be surrounded by people who have significantly more experience than we do — we have a lot of guidance,” Neely, 26, said. “This is something that the two of us wanted to do on our own.”

Known for handbags, Neely & Chloe also offers three sleek shoe styles (a lizard and linen slide and a smoking slipper) in its current collection, and the girls are targeting a specific group based on their own shopping experiences.

Neely & Chloe
The Neely & Chloe saddle bag.
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“We approached our brand from the consumer perspective,” Neely added. “So much of what we create comes from our time as consumers and what we were looking for in the market that we couldn’t find. Being able to watch that reaction from women who are finally finding something that is well-made but doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to buy has been exciting.”

Their line is geared toward the millennial girl, who is “urban, educated and would love to buy designer product,” but their customers’ ages widely range.

Affordable price points have been key to the success of their budding business. (Handbags are priced in the $200 range, while the shoes sell for $178.)

Neely & Chloe
The Neely & Chloe Weekender Pebble.
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“We are surprised by how well the product has been received,” Chloe, 25, said. “We had a pop-up on Bleecker Street in New York, and our return rate was 1 percent.”

For Neely, lifting the veil on the fashion world has also been an important factor.

She said: “We wanted to create a brand that felt accessible to young women, all women, and by telling some stories about the hiccups along that way — that’s a big part of the ethos of the brand.”

Click through the gallery to see all shoe options Neely & Chloe has to offer.

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