Michael Kors and Jimmy Choo To Go Fur-Free as Movement Gains Steam

Michael Kors and Jimmy Choo are going fur-free, and the fashion movement seems to be quickly gaining steam. 

After Gucci said this fall it would stop using fur, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals revealed on Friday that Michael Kors Holdings Ltd. will follow suit. Jimmy Choo, which was snapped up by Michael Kors this year, will also go fur-free in its shoes and other products.

“This is a wonderful holiday gift for fur-bearing animals,” the statement said. “We’re pleased that the company is evolving away from using fur and look forward to working with it on other issues in the future. The announcement follows many years of protests at Michael Kors fashion shows and boutiques by PETA and other animal rights groups.”

Jimmy Choo has not yet commented on the decision.

Gucci Princetown Fur Loafer.
Gucci Princetown fur loafer
CREDIT: Courtesy of Net-a-Porter.com

The move comes a few months after Gucci joined labels that have stopped using real fur, including Ralph Lauren, Giorgio Armani, Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein. Retailers including Net-a-Porter and Selfridges have also said no to the material.

In an exclusive interview with FN in October, Gucci CEO Marco Bizzarri said, “The consumer underestimated the real announcement in that specific moment. We announced the 10-year plan in terms of cultural purpose. So reducing the impact we have on the planet, the communities, the new model that we want to take to [create] this impact — that for me is much [more] important and impactful than the one with the fur.”

He added, “But I know the fur is something touchy and more emotional in terms of announcement than the rest. The fur is something that is a situation everybody is attached to because it’s more visible. But in reality, the kind of impact we are going to have in the next 10 years at Gucci is going to be much more important.”

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