Why These One-of-a-Kind Manolo Blahnik Boots Are Valued at $5,715

Manolo Blahnik’s crystal and pom-pom-embellished fuchsia boots, unveiled in Prague this week, are one of a kind. 

The always-imaginative designer teamed up with Preciosa, the leading global manufacturer of Bohemian crystal, for the boots — which are on display in the crystal maker’s flagship store in Old Town Prague through Nov. 12. The style was created to celebrate Blahnik’s Prague installment of his “Manolo Blahnik: The Art of Shoes” retrospective, which will land in that city in August.

What makes the shoes so special? They are adorned with more than 100 Preciosa crystal chandelier trimmings and fuchsia pom-poms. They are valued at 5,000 euros, or $5,715.

The designer’s sketch of the special style.
CREDIT: Courtesy Image

Blahnik’s team and VIPS in Prague toasted the new style this week along with Czech model and philanthropist Tereza Maxová. The ceremony featured a performance by the Czech Ballet, who danced to Bedřich Smetana’s Prodaná nevěsta – the famed comic opera loved by the legendary designer.

“It was a great honor to be asked to unveil the ‘shoe for Prague,'” said Maxová. “Not only was today special because of the unrivaled craftsmanship of this stunning pair of boots but also because Mr. Blahnik shares my own and Preciosa’s deep-rooted Bohemian heritage.”

“This has been an exciting collaboration for us given Mr. Blahnik’s Czech roots,” added Carla Filmer, global communications director for Manolo Blahnik. “Ours is a brand that seeks to be interesting and inspiring, neither of which we have found lacking here in Prague.”

In addition to the unique offering, Blahnik crafted 20 pairs of limited-edition Hangisi jeweled buckle pumps, also Bohemian-inspired. Those styles featured handmade Czech lace and Preciosa crystals. The shoes are being sold by appointment only, and each pair will be individually tailored to its wearer.

Visit the Preciosa store in Prague to see the one-of-a-kind style on display throughout Blahnik’s exhibition. “The Art of Shoes” will open at Museum Kampa on Aug. 11 and remain on display until Nov. 12. So far, the exhibit has traveled to Milan and St. Petersburg, Russia.

Courtesy of Manolo Blahnik.
“Manolo Blahnik: The Art of Shoes,” at the State Hermitage Museum St. Petersburg, Russia, features 212 shoes and 80 original drawings from the Blahnik archive.
CREDIT: Courtesy of Blahnik.

To see more from the St. Petersburg installment of the exhibition, click through the gallery.

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