Christian Louboutin, Gianvito Rossi and More on What Makes Level Shoes Stand Out

Even before it debuted five years ago, Level Shoes made its ambitions clear: It wanted to be the go-to global retailer for designers big and small.

“The curation of the space is what has made us unique,” said Rania Masri, who led Level for five years before taking another role within Chalhoub Group. “Being able to offer the customer product they can’t find anywhere else is part of a clear value proposition.”

Christian Louboutin, designer

What makes Level stand out: “Level mixes its designers very well. They keep many different designers on the floor in a coherent way. They have a lot of choice when it comes to shoes.”

Gianvito Rossi, designer

Working with Level for the first time: “I remember the great feeling we had with the team when we showed them our collection for the first time and when we opened our store there last year.”

What makes Level stand out: “They have a unique selection and presentation of all the shoe collections — a great point of view on fashion.”

The magic of collaborating: “We always make Level a special version of a shoe from each of our collections, and it’s fun choosing these together. It is a creative and exiting moment.”

Edgardo Osorio, creative director, Aquazzura

What makes Level stand out: “Level Shoes is a global fashion destination. I say it’s like shoe heaven. Also, Level was one of our first clients, so we have forged a long-lasting relationship over the years. It is very dear to my heart. We often collaborate together on events and present exclusive collections for the region.”

Edgardo Osorio
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Sophia Webster, designer

Working with Level for the first time: “They bought into my very first collection. It was so exciting for me to work with such a great store and have their support from the beginning.”

What makes Level stand out: “They have the most incredible variety of collections from both established and emerging designers. Their visual merchandizing is exceptional, and they are dedicated to providing the ultimate customer service all based around shoes. What’s not to love about that?”

Special collaborations: “Level was one of the exclusive retailers I partnered with for my Barbie collaboration. The collection included women’s and children’s shoes, and they hosted an amazing launch event, with a mother-daughter brunch and pop-up shop. I also created five exclusive colorways of my Chiara sandal.”

Rupert Sanderson, designer

What makes Level stand out: “It is the leading Middle Eastern store of its type, home to an exceptionally curated list of designers and product. Their distinct point of view and global vision go hand in hand, making it an honor and a pleasure to work with Rania and the team. Level is a complete world, encompassing the most interesting shoes in the world — from high-end luxury like us to sneaker collaborations — all under one starry roof.”

Visiting the store: “My first trip to Level was to launch our Gold Pebble pop-up. I had been to Dubai [United Arab Emirates] before, but I was increasingly amazed at how incredible the experience was.”

Special collaborations: “We worked with Dubai-based Natalie Trad, and that [project] was heavily supported by Level. We recently participated in the store’s ‘Dear India’ initiative, which saw an appropriately opulent adaption of one of our most popular mules.”

Rupert Sanderson Shoes
Rupert Sanderson
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Marco de Vincenzo, designer

Working with Level for the first time: “I was thrilled to work on a special project called ‘Disco Dynasty.’ Fun and colors lie at the heart of my brand, and the specially created disco floor-inspired podium we did was the perfect environment for all the shining and sparkling styles.”

What makes Level stand out: “Their attention to detail and clever use of unexpected twists.”

Alessandro Dell’Acqua, creative director, N.21

Working with Level for the first time: “It was one of the first retailers that believed in our N.21 Bow mules when they debuted in 2015.”

What makes Level stand out: “In my eyes, Level is the only retailer dedicated to designer footwear on a global scale.”

A special collaboration: “In 2016, I was asked to create an exclusive capsule collection, so I decided to revisit the Bow mule. We designed a pop-up store and produced a video to celebrate the collaboration. The embellishments were inspired by a precious art nouveau brooch, which I re-created with crystals and feathers.”

Francesco Russo 

Working with Level for the first time: “Level was one of the first stores we signed with when we opened our wholesale distribution channel in 2015. They arranged a wonderful luncheon and personal-shopping event for top clients. Their team was amazing and extremely well-organized. Working with Rania Masri was so refreshing. As a woman, she clearly understands the message I want to instill with my shoes — the idea that they can empower women and bolster their presence.”

What makes Level stand out: “They are open to newness and aren’t scared to take on a challenge by investing in smaller brands like mine. They also have a very personal, intimate approach — which makes them a very special partner.”

A special collaboration: “We were doing personal-shopping appointments in Level’s private bridal room, and I fell in love with it. Right away, I said that I wanted to have my shoes there. Three months later, we launched an exclusive bridal capsule based on classic silhouettes in tones of white and nude satin or silver and light gold. All of the bridal shoes have a little unique touch in the inside sole: a Swarovski crystal in sapphire to symbolize ‘something blue.’”

Francesco Russo in his Paris atelier
CREDIT: Courtesy photo

Roy Luwolt, co-founder, Malone Souliers

Working with Level for the first time: “It was initially intimidating, as it is a real luxury destination in the Middle East. However, they were supportive and patient as we developed. The consumer walks in with intent, clear as to what she wants. Luckily for us, Level knows just as well.”

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