Luxury Brands Were Served on Silver Platters at Level Shoes’ ‘Dear India’ Party in Dubai

To mark the end of its “Dear India” campaign, Level Shoes took guests to a traditional Indian wedding with a lavish celebration in Dubai Sunday evening.

Inspired by the decorations and rituals of an Indian celebration, the retailer showcased extravagant styles in a space re-created to look like an Indian temple. Guests walked a black carpet into a tent decorated with chandeliers, candles and carved archways and columns meant to re-create the opulent palaces of India’s Mughal era.

Level Shoes Dear India Campaign

With intricate wall carvings, furniture and ornate lounge displays, the party, which was held in Dubai’s Design District, took on the air of a bygone age — guests’ selfies aside. Dubai-based industry specialists Dana Hourani, Nadya Hassan, Natalia Shustova and Rhea Jacobs were some of the guests at the event.

Patrick Chalhoub

“There was a spark and a moment of inspiration that made us recognize we’ve been inspired by the beauty of India for longer than I can remember,” said Level Shoes General Manager Rania Masri about the campaign. “We felt now was a good time to pay homage to the opulence and overwhelming glamour of Indian culture.”

Level Shoe District GM Rania Masri.
Level Shoe District GM Rania Masri.

As part of the close of the company’s “Dear India” campaign, Level Shoes featured unique styles by various up-and-coming Indian and European designers. Some of the prettiest included the Fizzy Goblet x Bamba Azul, a periwinkle flat with golden embroidery, and Aquazzura founder Edgardo Osorio’s reimagined “powder puff” slingback.

Level Shoes Dear India Campaign
CREDIT: Level Shoes

The shoes, which were carried out by waiters on silver platters, stole the show at an already-flashy event.

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