Three Lessons James Ferragamo Learned From His Grandmother

Wanda Ferragamo is the honorary chairman of Salvatore Ferragamo and has been a huge force for decades. Here, James Ferragamo talks about his grandmother’s contributions.

On stepping into her late husband’s shoes: 

“She has dedicated her life to the pursuit of what he wanted the brand to become. It was only a women’s shoe label when he died. There are not many brands that would have been able to progress in such a way.”

James Ferragamo

On her guiding principles:

“She gave a silver doll to every single Ferragamo cousin. There are 23 of us. The doll has a weight at the bottom. When it falls over, it comes back up. It is to remind us not to be scared of failing. If you are scared of making errors, you’re not going to go very far.”

On her collection of letters: 

“We keep her letters in four volumes of this red book. She wrote us stories about her father: how he was involved in the First World War and the difficulties he had to go through as a doctor. I look them over a lot with my kids.”

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