How This Italian Shoe Brand Is Showcasing the Art of Craftsmanship

Fratelli Rossetti has kept the art of craftsmanship close to its core and at the forefront of its product design. To continue this dedication to artisanship, the company created the New Artisan project, an initiative that strives to shine a spotlight on young talent and companies who share its passion for crafting handmade goods.

Since the effort launched several years ago in Milan, seven design talents, including a hat, a guitar and skateboard maker, have been highlighted.

Now, Fratelli Rossetti’s New Artisan project is going overseas.

On May 9, Leather Head Sports, a handcrafted American leather sporting-goods company, will take over the windows of Fratelli Rossetti’s New York Boutique on Madison Avenue with its products.

“There is no commercial interest here,” said Fratelli Rossetti President Diego Rossetti. “We just like to share the passion of [craftsmanship].”

The Italian shoe label aims to give these burgeoning talents an opportunity to reach a bigger audience by showcasing them at Fratelli Rosetti stores.

Rosetti continued, “We found it a nice way to promote the artisan world. We belong to the artisan world, and we like to associate ourselves with other people who share the same passion for handcrafting. We thought it was [an interesting] way to emphasize this aspect of our work.”

The response has been strong, says Rossetti. “The public is interested in seeing how things are made. More and more people have been coming to the store to see the new presentations, especially [because it is] in Italy. We share, with all the other Italians, the pride of belonging to a country that admires craftsmanship.”

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