Emilio Pucci Creates Sneakers for Different Cities

Emilio Pucci is taking its shoes on the road. The Florentine fashion house has just released a Sneakers of the World collection, featuring eleven styles with the name of the international metropolises embroidered on the back.

The various designs take cues from the cities they reference: Milan, Florence, Miami, Seoul, Rome, Paris, London, Dubai, Moscow, Hong Kong and New York. No coincidence: These are all ports of call where Pucci has stores, and indeed where the shoes will be sold, in addition to the brand’s website.

Footwear News spoke with Laudomia Pucci, daughter of founder Emilio, to hear more about the ambitious project, which saw one model wear the shoes in each of the cities for a corresponding video.

How did this sneaker capsule come about?

“We have done sneakers in the past with success, as we believe it is part of a modern wardrobe, obviously part of the Pucci world as a lifestyle product and our luxury sportswear attitude that was there from Day One.”

What elements make these sneakers uniquely Pucci?

“The idea of using large Pucci colored elastic bands matches both the brand’s aesthetic and the comfort that allows movement, exactly like the jersey for the dresses.”

How did you decide upon the cities?

“We wanted to affirm the cosmopolitan vibe of the brand through a journey to the most vibrant cities that belong to Pucci, past, present and future.

What is your objective with this collection?

“We wish to offer to the Pucci traveling woman a fashionable variation of our iconic ‘city up’ style, which she can easily wear on different occasions to feel at home everywhere.”

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