Women Go on Designer Shoe Shopping Spree After Allegedly Scamming Seniors Out of $600,000

A pair of women were arrested in New York last week after allegedly scamming two senior citizens out of almost $600,000.

According to the Daily News, Tavoy Malcolm, 26, and Lorindo Powell, 29, were arrested on Friday and Saturday, respectively. The women, who are Jamaican nationals, face charges of wire and bank fraud, which could result in up to 20 years in prison.

Malcolm and Powell’s alleged scheme reportedly targeted two women,  77 and 91, by convincing them they had won lotteries and sweepstakes. In order for the alleged perpetrators to collect their sham payouts, the seniors were conned into giving up financial and personal information.

The suspects allegedly used the victims’ credit cards to go on a $10,000 shoe shopping spree at Barneys, which included costly designer footwear such as Christian Louboutins. Later, Malcolm reportedly wore the same mint-green Pigalle Louboutin heels in an Instagram post.

Prosecutors say the scam dates back as far as 2006, costing the 77-year-old victim a total of $572,000. Over time, the alleged fraud caused the woman to default on her home loan and ultimately lose her house.

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