A Sneak Peek at a Fashion Editor’s Epic Sock Collection

designer socks
Men's socks (various brands).
George Chinsee.

Hello, my name is Christian and I’m addicted to socks.

Admit it or not, we all have our shopping vices: closets bursting with too many sneakers, too many jeans, too many vintage T-shirts. My kryptonite? Socks. Yes, socks — the gift much bemoaned by sulky teenagers around the world. I can’t have enough of them. What started as a cute collecting hobby has turned into an all-consuming hoarding problem. And I’m here to share my story.

designer shoes Men’s socks (various brands). George Chinsee.

Where did my obsession begin? Truthfully, I have no idea. It’s a cheap and fun way to change up my look. Next thing I knew, friends and family started buying them for me as gifts, too. They fueled my addiction. I’m surrounded by enablers.

Now, I just collect them for fun. Given that apartments in New York City are about the size of a janitor’s closet, it’s indeed problematic that I have an entire dresser devoted to socks. And I’m talking all kinds here: designer socks, athletic socks, novelty socks, dressy socks. Socks I never leave the house in. Socks I only wear on special occasions. Ironic socks. Birthday socks.

Gucci Socks Gucci socks, Paul Andrew monkstrap. George Chinsee.

Of course, you won’t find them in any particular order — that would be too organized. Instead, you’ll find my drawers crammed and stuffed with an abundance of mismatched styles. (Every morning, in fact, I spend at least 10 minutes trying to find a matching pair). If I can’t find the pair I’m looking for, I start to panic. Did they get left behind at a laundromat? Should I call them? Now I have to change my whole outfit!

My most ridiculous pair has to be my embroidered Gucci bumblebee socks. They cost $175. But before you judge me: I had a gift card to an online retailer, so they were technically free. Another outrageous pair is my Vetements “Sexual Fantasies” socks, which cost a more-reasonable $67 (also free with a gift card). I like them because they say “Left” and “Right” on them, in case I ever get confused.

christian louboutin men's shoe Richer Poorer sock, Christian Louboutin lace-up. George Chinsee.

The crazier the sock, the better. I have bulldog-themed socks (my favorite dog, duh!). Cherry-themed socks (my favorite fruit, duh!). Some of my favorite sock brands are Happy Socks, Richer Poorer and Gold Toe.

For occasions where I need to rein it in, I also love a simple, luxurious dress sock. One of my favorites is an alpaca wool pair that my friend got me in New Zealand. I’m also partial to a classic plaid or argyle print. Sometimes, you’ve got to be classy.

Vetements Socks Vetements socks, Fenty x Puma creepers. George Chinsee.

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