Hermès Gets on Board With Skate Culture

Get on board with skate culture — it’s no longer just for the kids. Thanks in part to Kim Jones’ Louis Vuitton Homme collaboration with Supreme, skate chic is now entrenched in the luxury fashion lexicon.

Even Hermès, that Parisian bastion of elegance, has got itself involved. Meet the Hermès skateboard. It comes in both classic and longboard versions that are reassuringly expensive at $3,850 and $4,625 a pop, respectively. But that’s a snip compared with the $380,000 recently fetched by a Birkin handbag at Christie’s Hong Kong.

Crafted from Vosges maplewood, said boards come in three different carré print motifs by the house’s artistic director, Henri d’Origny. That basically means you can match your board to your scarf. We like the Cavalcadour with its crisscross of slaloming bridles. The two other archival prints reimagined in board form are the Bouclerie Modern and Sangles en Zigzag.

Matching Hermes prints.
Matching Hermès prints.
CREDIT: Hermes

The design is sublimation-printed, which means the pigments penetrate the wood so the pattern doesn’t rub off. These bad boys are designed to be used. And Hermès menswear designer Véronique Nichanian debuted sneakers in her spring 2018 collection after all.

In other news, the Hermes scarf worn by Louise Linton, the wife of U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, practically caused an international incident Tuesday. She tagged it on an Instagram post of herself and hubby disembarking from a government jet in Kentucky. A social media spat ensued. To be fair though, no one was blaming the scarf.

Hermes men's spring 2018 sneaker.
Hermès men’s spring 2018 sneaker.

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